I am intrigued by human beings, that’s why I enjoyed research as it allowed me to ask questions and be nosey..

I loved running focus groups and exploring people’s views and experiences. Loved making sense of it and using theory to draw together explanatory frameworks.

I took this analytical lens to my leadership role and intended to spend time working out what was going on.

I found out much.. But much troubled me as nowhere in the leadership textbooks did it advise me about “managing up” and what happened if that was tricky.

I am looking back at recent experiences wondering how many other managers find themselves isolated in a toxic mix of inertia and sabotage.

How many practitioners with a genuine wish to improve patient experience find themselves exposing issues that folk would rather leave unnoticed and left alone.

we can’t improve care settings without mess and disruption. It is a fact and if those around you chose to stop that happening I have found it almost impossible to continue in your role. You need to walk away ..


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