One of the most important activities for me has been being help to create some visual art. I have found that “playing” with self expression without words and in a new and unskilled area has been healing. Not knowing what you are doing is OK and that is what we need to be able to relax into our professional practice. We can’t always have the answers to everything and we just need to pay attention to what  is in front of us.

I was always aware that I worked differently in my professional practice to many people around me. When I discovered Della Fish’s work about professional artistry (derived from Schon’s definitive work about learning from practice) I realised I had found an explanation for much friction and challenges. I found the technical rationalist approach dominant and rewarded, making sense of that and making connections is part of what I intend to do here.

This has led me to finding conversations and understanding with professional artists who share some of the same sensitivities and sensibilities that I have found make my life quite tricky. This is a rich seam for my reflective practice and one I will be sharing in the future.


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