Next steps

Here is a link to my favourite poem and one I have begun to understand more deeply in the last few months.

I have had a hiatus in my career and it has been unexpected and difficult. Although the last few years at the University were tricky I had a notion of where I wanted to go next in my career and I made that move last July. I wanted to move back to practice, after teaching leadership and practice development for nearly 20 years I decided I would like to give it a go back in the real world instead of pontificating n the classroom. I had become frustrated with my sphere of influence and felt I needed to at least give it a try…

Little did I know how really difficult that would be and how life changing that move from academia back to practice would be. I am still to distil the real outcomes of the move but that I have just had 3 months to “think about the future” tells its own story…

I have never been in a position where I have really have not thought through what I want to do next – the last 3 months have been limbo land and now that has passed I can now think about what I want to be paid to do. What I can do and also what I would like to avoid in relation to triggers to emotional responses that diminish my well-being.

I hope to share that journey here as I develop my ideas around supporting professionals and patients with kindness and curiosity.

I am not clear of the destination – I am pretty sure it is a continuing journey rather than a destination. At the moment I do know that my sense of balance is important and I recognise what stressors trigger a downward spiral, stuff that gets me over excited and dissipates fast and getting to the in between place which is more sustainable and easier to live with .. for my lovely husband and daughter as well as for me.



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