courage to share

This time I want to put my manifesto out there about supporting HCPs to look after themselves in the health care arena. It is tough out there and too many folk are suffering from stress and dissatisfaction with what they are required to do. I really believe that NOT supporting practitioners is morally wrong and is a toxic state of affairs that has become the norm rather than the exception.

NOT paying attention to what is happening and ignoring the distress and struggles people face is wrong and unkind. It might seem easier to turn a blind eye, a lazy response to push people out, stress them until they break and say “I told you so”.. they are weak and inadequate – it is only the strong who will survive. It all seems so disconnected and dehumanised – can it be right to continue to accept this status quo? Is it ok to shrug shoulders and accept that bullying and meanness is the cultural expectation of the school of hard knocks and resilience building. This is not right – as someone who has managed to weather a storm of spite and unkindness I would say we must make sure it stops. Investigate why folk feel it is Ok to not connect and set people apart and isolate them because they may not be saying or doing what we wish to see/hear.

I have been appalled by how much disinterest in other human beings practitioners feel that they can get away with – if it is too much effort they won’t do it, won’t do that extra bit for a person, take a little longer to answer the call bell, get distracted when getting a cup of tea – none of this on the scale of Mid-Staffs BUT still the thin end of a morally bankrupt wedge…

I am committed to finding ways of helping health care professionals support each other better and share experiences in a way that helps them connect in constructive and trusting ways. We live in a climate of suspicion and distrust – this cannot continue. We marginalise some professions and place others on a pedestal – we need more equity in the conversations. No one profession is better than any other and person centred care means just that – people/humans – not just the patient. We all need support and care – professions delivering care are not automatons, whatever bullshit is promoted at University – health care practitioners are not more or less deserving of care and attention. We need to find ways of making this the accepted face of leadership and management – not the exception.

I follow those who have gone before – I am not unique or special but I am getting a little tired of it not happening and that kindness and care is seen as an “extra” rather then the essential ingredient.

We need to start the conversation, get HCPs into the same room and create a safe space for them to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences. We need to do it soon and not question motives – sometimes it just the right thing to do.


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