Capturing thoughts

This time I want to think about the purpose of education and what we are trying to achieve in helping practitioners think more about their practice. For a long time I have been interested in perspective transformation as an explicit outcome of education and how that can help shape practice to be more person centred.

Person centred doesn’t mean just patient centred it also involves a more humanistic and holistic approach to health care. It sounds clichéd and trite but I think the words have become overused and few really think reflexively about what it means to practice in such a way.

The key thing is that it is not easy – it requires self-awareness, self-knowledge and attention to others not just self-absorption. It is a tricky balance and one I have found very challenging.

This blog is a place to explore these issues and writing is part of that process – writing helps thinking and the improved thinking will help increase the amount of writing…

I have always been interested in making connections and learning from many sources. I discovered the world of “followership” whilst listening to Woman’s Hour this morning. In all the years I taught leadership I had not explored this area of literature. I am going to explore this more as most of us are followers and it is that I have found the most difficult to reconcile with – if you have bad leadership it is very difficult to be a “good” follower and moral distress (1) can be a regular emotional experience. It is an area I am going to explore more and share next time.


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