Creative collaboration

This week I have had two conversations about potential projects – both involve artists (print making and ceramics). It all feels a bit strange and new and the “what are you doing?” question was quite loud on my way to the first meeting but then I thought about what makes me buzz. What makes me feel purposeful and so I focussed and didn’t run away. I now have a perfect excuse to think about poems that I could use in the two projects, poems I could write, collages I could develop and workshops we could run. I now am beginning to have more confidence in the fusion of creative workshops and coaching as a personal/professional development offering for professionals working in healthcare and education. We could all benefit from time and space to explore our experiences and identify how just finding time to get off the hamster wheel can be good for the soul and mental health.

Having met resistance to reflective practice and clincial supervision from nurses I know we need to offer learning from practice in different ways. Often suspicious about these activites it is time those of us who have experienced the benefits of taking time out to understand what is happening become braver and louder in sharing. 

There is huge benefit in taking a step back, working out what is personal, what are the professional issues, exploring emotions and feelings  and most importantly (in my opinion) what is going in our relationships and why. Without art, poetry, reflexivity and grown up conversations I am not sure I would  have bounced back from my recent career c**k up. It has been tricky but those resources have enabled me to navigate a tricky and potentially damaging time. I now have experiential knowledge of the healing capacity of the creative and expressive arts. It’s no longer just an intellectual or ideological quest – it’s now much more than that. 


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