Art Exhibition

Open Doors an exhibition by the Beda Studio Group

Stanley Civic Hall, Front Street, Stanley DH9 0NA – March 1st – 31st 2016

Preview event Sunday March 6th 2pm until 5pm

Further information please contact Bernadette Koranteng

Paintings, drawings and prints by 8 distinct and diverse artists


When I found myself “unexpectedly unbusy” last year I decided I need to do something constructive – not sit around watching telly and feeling sorry for myself. I was lucky to notice an art class in a nearby village and I plucked up courage and took myself to the studio to meet fellow classmates and tutor.

Not knowing what to expect I was very anxious but I did not need to worry, Bernadette is a gentle and encouraging tutor and the other people at the class were kind and welcoming. We all have very different backgrounds but all have an desire to improve the art we create and find ways to push ourselves and challenge the approaches we take – get out of comfortable places and try out new things.

Finding purpose and meaning has been very important while I don’t have a “professional” role and Bernie has given me exactly the guidance and direction I needed. At the class we all pursue our own projects but we also “show and tell” with discussions about outputs and processes – we share, critique and encourage. The breadth and depth of Bernadette’s knowledge is truly stunning and we all gain from her expertise and passion.

I favour abstract expressionism (I have never learnt to draw – I am on the cusp of embracing a class), others in the class are professional artists developing their talent, print makers, painters and we are all have ability and flair that is being developed and nurtured by a supportive and encouraging group. It isn’t just about distraction or a hobby it is more serious than that. As Twyla Tharp says “In order to be creative you have to know how to prepare to be creative”. Our Mondays in the studio set us up for this creative potential and provides us with a canvas of possibilities for our work. Instead of just dabbling we take our work seriously and seek ways of improving and enhancing our work – self expression then becomes not just a frivolous diversion but a meaningful and important activity.

I write poetry and like Emily Dickinson I hope to “Dwell in Possibility” – the class on a Monday gives me space to explore this and I am deeply grateful that I have had that opportunity.

This exhibition is intended to enable our friends, relatives and others to view the diversity of work produced and share those possibilities of self-expression in visual art.


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