Looking back

I have been pondering the wisdom of disclosing too much inner monologue on this site. If I wish to establish some professional credibility as an independent facilitator/consultant then I need to be aware of what I am telling the world about myself.

This has made me cautious and I have had a harsh lesson in the past about what is wise to share – however to develop trust there has to be insight as to what makes me tick.

So I am spending some time “thinking” about this and exploring how to link some of my thoughts with a wider context and link it to resources available.

One of the most important things I am learning at the moment if about being kind to myself. My recent experience has been the complete opposite. I was at the receiving end of a complete lack of kindness – turned upon and bullied by spite and deception. I have often wondered why I was attacked in such a way but as I don’t understand meanness I can’t really second guess the motivation. What I have ben trying to do is turn that experience into gratitude – instead of hating the perpetrators I want to turn that negativity into a positive and constructive force that is for the good of me and others. I am still working on that but at the moment I can say that my sense of survival was strong and wanting to take care of myself was central to me walking away before they got me and eroded my mental health.

I have been reading Tara Brach, Kirsteen Neff and Brene Brown at the moment – all wise words about how to ensure you care for yourself and also some fabulous frameworks for my writing.

Take a look

Tara Brach

Kirsteen Neff

Brene Brown





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