This is a value I hold very dear and find it is challenged on a number of occasions. If I see deception or attempts at circumnavigating rules that are evidence based and around preserving professional ethics I will say something. If people prefer passivity and looking the other way then they’ve got the wrong person.

I will always act if I see that values are being compromised and if people don’t like it then so be it. What I don’t much like is those people making stuff up about me – lies and deception may be a result of a distorted lens but sometimes they are simply  about spite and/or revenge. Neither are very grown up and they are also hurtful and unnecessary. If I have upset you then say something at the time – that’s what adults do. Having conversations about disagreements are never easy BUT they are better than what can result from a need for “getting back” at someone. 

Later this week I am going to an event in London about Moral Distress in nursing and  I am looking forward to the discussions and some insights into some of my experiences and how I can might learn to be more self-controlled and less emotional when faced with compromise. Let’s see what I learn…


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