Dare to share

How can someone know that you are committed and motivated to work diligently and competently? How do you show that rather than just tell someone? I’m a firm believer in that old adage that “actions speak louder than words” but in many ways that can be tricky. My actions in the past have been ridiculed and maligned..I made significant efforts to prove I had what it took to make a successful transition from academia back to practice. I applied myself, stretched myself, helped others and the end result was nothing, dismissal and expulsion ..no wonder it has taken me a year to to recover from that. 

 I always work hard to prove myself, doing “just enough” has never been my approach. I always expect excellence and an aspiration to improve and I expect that from the people I work with. Nothing less, nothing more. I expect colleagues to apply themselves, be honest and have integrity. I expect people to be motivated by an interest in other people and a real concern for fellow human beings. 

These are underpinning assumptions in relation to the people I work with, I can’t cope with deceit, laziness and cliques. In groups and out groups do my head in ..behaviour reminiscent of school yard bullying causes me distress. My distress isn’t down to previous experience but because it just isn’t it is a healthy way to work in adult lives and also it inevitably excludes people, makes people feel “other” and this is not good for patient safety or for people’s well being.

A year has created distance and perspective and recent connections and collaborations are nourishing me not diminishing. I have decided to write 1000 words a day and some of those will be edited and shared here. 

Dare to share is what I intend to do going into this next year of exploration.


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