Next steps 

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about loss – not of a person but of an image of oneself and a hope for how one might be. When I left the University 2 years ago I had hoped that returning to practice would help me feel better about my role in life and find purpose and meaning. I worked really hard developing  relationships with folks
and I thought that a person-centred and honest approach to leadership and management would help people feel empowered and enabled. I overlooked fear and that folk get used to working in certain ways and even if they’re throughly miserable I have discovered that they would prefer to remain miserable than face an uncertain future – I am coming to terms slowly but surely with a loss of an image of myself I had created and wanted to “try out” – recognising this is beginning to help me move on and I am less stuck in the why question and more focussing on the what next.
I believe there are many middle and senior managers struggling to make sense of what is going on within their workplaces and much of this is to do with inter-personal relationships. I have been collaborating with a great business in Scotland and we have developed a leadership course that, we believe, can really help folk find a better way of working with themselves and others. It is a course I would have greatly benefited from in my last job – it would have helped me gain clarity in relation to what was going on all around me and would have helped me make sense of dynamics and interactions. 

I have always wanted to use my experience for other people’s learning and I believe that this course is the first step in making that happen. Please take a look and pass the information on if you know of anyone who might benefit. 



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