I’ve been away a while and that has been time thinking about what I am trying to achieve with the blog. It isn’t about self-absorption and rumination – I want it to be about learning and moving forward. 

So with that in mind I have decided that the focus will now be about recovery and insight. I now realise that my career hiccup might be difficult but it is also a gift in respect to time out to really reflect upon how I got to the position I found myself in and muse on whether I am that unusual. I keep meeting distressed and disillusioned practitioners  and they all feel trapped and powerless. That can’t be a good place to exist and it takes courage to call it and move on.

I am currently reading Presence by Amy Cuddy http://amycuddy.com   and I intend to use it as a framework for further posts here as it is offering me a great deal of insight. It also provides tools for the future so that I don’t revisit the same distress and behaviours from the past. Meditation and mindfulness are allowing me to notice patterns and habits – liberating myself from the traps I set myself is surely going to make a difference in the future. 


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