Helping others and myself 

Yesterday I led a writing workshop and it was a fabulous space with all of us exploring our emotional selves and being compassionate about our responses. I loved the session and have been reflecting on what a different feeling it evoked in me and how when I am facilitating a session that I truly believe in I don’t feel anxious or a fraud. I may not know as much about literature and psychology as many around me but I do have lived experience of the positive effect that writing can bring to healing wounds caused by despair and despondency. I felt calm and composed yesterday and really noticed the lack of frenetic explaining that has often been a component of my personal development sessions in the past. It felt enabling and empowering and I came away feeling energised and enthusiastic. It felt a world away from the draining experiences of my life in education that I left nearly 3 years ago. We spent the day in a creative and nurturing space that resulted in ALL of us writing amazing poems and resourcing us with words, images and insights.

We enjoyed good food, good company and good writing – encountering ourselves and each other with respect, generosity and kindness. It’s a model I want to offer to busy professionals and harried care workers – we all deserve space to reflect and renew – I am absolutely convinced that it would make a huge difference to wellbeing in the workplace and exponentially improve the capability and capacity for people’s caring practice. 

I am not sure how I take this forward but I know that yesterday I was “walking my why” – a phrase from Susan David’s book that really resonates for me and is making all the difference as I recover and recuperate my professional identity. 


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