Starting again

It’s been a while since I blogged as I haven’t really known what to share and also felt very cautious about having a public presence for ny thoughts. However I have realised that my frustrations and inhibitions often come from fear and if folk don’t agree with me then that will be OK. I also know I don’t take advice very graciously and I need to work on that.

This week marks 3 years since I started an unexpected and largely uncharted journey. I left my role as an effective and respected educator at a University and started as a manager in a small organisation. I thought going back to the “coal face” of health would help me with burn out and help focus me and restore a sense of meaning and purpose.

Well that didn’t go quite as I planned and as the anniversary approaches I am reminded of the learning and unlearning I have undertaken over that time. It has been hugely important and transformative BUT it has not been easy, I have gained some fabulous  friends and have lost a few… In the past I’ve not stayed connected to folk – isolate and exclude myself

As the next stage evolves I am going to start digging a bit deeper and link some of my reflections and explore how they might help other people who are experience transitions in their life/career.

I need to write it down, make the links and put it together in a form that others might read and use as a resource.

Early days but if I state it here then that is a committment to give it a go.

Any typos please let me know ….


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