Now what? 

I wonder what you get if you combine overachievement with people pleasing? Well I think I know the answer to that ..burnout and complete frazzle!! Knowing early warning signs seems to be sensible and knowing how to look after your mental health and well being might be a good idea.

My last post proved to be a turning point and has taught me to be circumspect about how I share my musings. I forget how egocentric some folk are and how they might read things into my blog.

I had a huge issue with my previous blog in 2015 when it was used against me by some nasty folk… My mental health was questioned and my ability to function in a responsible job. Those allegations and anonymous complaints led me to resign from my job … No hesitation, no doubt. Looking back on the experience has really helped me shape my values and principles. I am beginning to be grateful to those wishing me ill… They have taught me a great deal and as a new year is just around the corner it seems like a good time to make some statements about what I want to do in 2019.. I think I need to write my book about relatiomships in professional practice and the book about finding your oomph! for young people in transitions.

Get on with it and believe in myself and cultivate confidence

Enjoying my photography again and linking poetry with my thinking..

Just wonder if other people might read it …

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